Can We Restore it?

Wrightway Studios has a large team of valued and skilled artists and outworkers. They specialise in the repair and restoration of a huge range of artwork encompassing 11 disciplines of work.   Almost any damaged object can be restored to its former appearance if sufficient time and effort is allowed. However, restoration work is very time consuming because it requires great skill and patience to achieve the right results. Some objects, on the other hand, do not require such intensive treatment.  When clients bring us their broken treasures, we usually discuss and prepare a  quote offering them several  alternatives.

Discover what Wrightway Studios are able to do for you...

Art Doctor  Painting and Frame Restoration

A picture is worth a thousand memories, ones that we can restore to perfection for you. Bring us your time damaged, torn or worn art and we will give them another chance. If the frame is damaged, we can restore that too.

Pottery & Ceramics

Whether cracked, chipped or broken into many pieces, our skilled artisans can fix and repair your fine china or porcelain and studio art pieces to allow your treasure to sit back on the mantel or be used once again.


Broken faces, hands, main springs or just a general overhaul? Wrightway Studios can take care of all your time keeping needs. Our expert staff are experienced with all kinds of clocks and can restore your damaged or tired time piece to pristine condition. 


We are renown for our expertise and attention to detail when it comes to breathing new life into all kinds of dolls. So if your precious childhood doll has seen better days, Auckland Dolls Hospital can restore your dear friend to her former glory.

Books & Paper

Dog eared pages from a well read and severely worn book with spine and cover issues can be transformed back to a readable condition. Our experts can restore torn, stained and ruined paper. 


You spent countless hours making them only for them to be damaged in seconds. At Wrightway Studios our expert restoration team can fix and repair your model trains, planes or automobiles.

Teddy Bears

A precious childhood bear that has seen many years of cuddling and cherishing can be restored or carefully repaired so he can be passed onto the next generation or displayed instead of tucked away in a box. 

Objects of Art

Our experts can restore any work of art that you own. Paintings, sculptures,  sentimental objects or family mementos can all be repaired, restored and renovated to their former glory. In some cases the restoration work will also restore and possibly raise the value of the piece too.

Silver, Copper and Brass Objects

We can polish and repair your silver, brass, pewter or copper treasures. Broken handles, leaking vessels or copper, silver and chrome plating are available at Wrightway Studios. We offer a polishing service for your silverware.