Models & Hobbies


We realise how trying and complex model restoration can be and have often finished the building of sails and rigging on boats and yachts, painting detail on ship hulls and building glass display presentation cases.  We regularly get commissioned to build plastic model kitset ships, vintage automobiles, and World War 2 fighting aircraft.

Model plane restoration

Chrome art deco vintage model aircraft and ashtray sets are currently the fashion and are sent to us from overseas to repair and re-chrome, bringing some of that vintage glamour into your home.

Model miniature childrens Xmas musical Carousels and toy xmas train sets require maintenance when left running constantly at festive times including electric mechanical Santas Clause and his little helpers.  Critical bespoke parts are hand-made from superior metal parts which greatly extends the life and allows you to continue to use it without fear of it breaking down.