Doll’s Hospital

Originated in the 1940s after the war by an Irish couple from New Lynn, this small business set up shop in Karangahape Road, Auckland.

It quickly gained a successful and well known reputation for specialised doll repairs. However, eventually because of ill health, the business retired and the subsequent demand allowed several entrepreneurial hobbyists around west and central Auckland to restart the business from within their homes.

Re-established in 1995 the Auckland Doll Hospital was eventually reborn in Epsom under Annlyn and Co. when it moved to Manukau and then onto Dominion Road.

Today the Auckland Dolls Hospital has finally moved and merged under the banner of Wrightway Studios where there is an everyday working staff of 15 followed up by up to 20 outworkers who are guaranteed to satisfy any local or overseas customer.

Parts are frequently sourced often from Australia or Europe, however many dolls often require thorough overhauls or rebuilding requiring patient and skilful remodelling. Consequently the skills learnt by the individual staff members are prized and only passed onto another associate once they have reached a certain skill level.

This makes the studio an interesting place to visit.