Do You Sell Doll's Wigs?

Posted by Ross Stewart on

Not only do we repair your precious doll's but we also sell high quality doll wigs in monofilament and synthetic mohair. Our wigs come in all sorts of styles including:

  • baby doll wig
  • cute dolls wig bob
  • cute toddler doll wig
  • doll wig
  • doll wig without fringe
  • doll wigs
  • long wavy doll wig
  • long wavy doll wig with fringe
  • monofilament doll wig
  • short curly doll wig with bow
  • short cute bob dolls wig
  • vintage style doll wig

All wigs can be gently styled but no dolls wig should be brushed continuously.

Check out our range of doll's wigs here:

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