Do You Repair Porcelain Dolls?

Posted by Ross Stewart on

The Auckland Doll's Hospital was established in 1944 after the war by a local entrepreneurial couple, Don and Marion Lawson.

Our very talented dolly doctors can lovingly restore or repair your cherished childhood doll or expensive collectible using authentic methods and materials. We have expertise in restoring Porcelain Dolls or any type of doll.

porcelain dolls before

porcelain dolls after

We also undertake the make overs of 1960-70's rubber and vinyl dolls and fix the contemporary American Girl doll.

Restoration may involve a complete overhaul or a very gentle make over including cleaning, a new doll wig and restoration of facial features. We stock gorgeous clothes and shoes to fit most vintage dolls or can make bespoke outfits for your doll.

Get in touch for a free no obligation quote from your local kiwi repair shop.

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