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Meet our Art Doctors

Our senior art restorers are one of the most experienced team in New Zealand.

A special project we worked on was restoration of a Karl Sim a.k.a Carl Feodor Goldie oil painting:

Te Aho by Goldie 1905

Te Aho by Goldie 1905  after

Our artists can remove mould, repair tears in paintings, clean and gaze and restore faded or missing colour.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to painting restoration, as each work has to be carefully examined to determine which process and techniques will be best suited for the piece.

Each field is fraught with danger if left in the wrong hands and is keenly engaged by the relevant artisan. In addition, back up amongst the large team is instantly available if required. In most cases the restoration work will also invisibly restore and usually recover the value of the piece.

Can you give me an estimate over the phone or email?

That depends. Generally it's impossible to provide estimates over the phone. It is however possible to begin the conversation via email provided that good quality photographs are included in the message. Often the photos do not reveal the information necessary to understand the condition of the artwork but that's not to say that they can't be a great starting point. If in doubt it certainly can't hurt to send a message with photos via email

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