Vests for Teddy Bears

  • $30.00

We have a selection of hand knitted 100% wool vests for your teddy bear crafted in NZ, complete with vintage buttons.

Vests are a great way to protect the worn fur on a much loved bear and helps to dress up those vintage bears who have lost all their fur from a lifetime of being loved!

These knits stretch and open down the front with buttons. We have 3 size ranges, but note that fit depends on how slim or rotund your bear is.

  • Small: Teds 14-20 inches in height with a slim build (armhole-armhole measurement lying flat is 14 cm, length 13cm)
  • Medium: Teddy Bears 18-24 inches in height (armhole-armhole measurement lying flat 20cm, length 15cm)
  • Large: Teddy 24-28 inches tall or shorter with a big tummy (armhole-armhole 27cm, length 18cm)
  • Our lovely dark possum fur bear modelling the cream wool vest is 28 inches tall but reasonably slim for a bear so fits 18-24 inch clothing.

Thank you to all our customers for providing the models.