Do you restore Vintage Bikes?

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We sure do. Rust, dull or scratched paint our bike man at Wrightway Studios has been busy restoring bikes of all sizes. From 3 wheeled trikes to a vintage Rodeo Raleigh bike.

vintage bicycle restoration

People are commissioning the restoration of these bikes for grandchildren or in the case of the Raleigh bike this will be a surprise 50th birthday present. The red and blue trikes have gone home to be displayed in the lounge as a sometime toy and interesting collectible for visiting children. The owner described them as "an interesting piece of furniture in the lounge".

Vintage trike restoration

Restoration involves stripping the bikes down to their component parts and returning everything to a factory finish. Before re-assembly, we powder coat frames to the original factory specifications, de-chrome and rechrome to a sparkling finish and source or make missing parts.

We sourced a missing brake handle for the blue trike and cast a replica brake pedal for the red trike. We install missing ball bearings and re-upholster bike seats if the original is ripped and torn. These bikes not only look good but need to function like they used to.

vintage bike restoration making ride-worthy

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