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We're often compared to The Repair Shop which features on TVNZ and apart from not having our own TV show, there are a lot of similarities.

As the narrator introduces the experts in The Repair Shop, he underlines that, "They will resurrect, revive, and rejuvenate treasured possessions and irreplaceable pieces of family history, bringing both the objects and the memories that they hold back to life." 

And that's what we do. 

Every object tells a story.

We all have treasures hidden away in the attic, well-loved and well-worn belongings that have been passed down from generation to generation. They may be damaged or no longer working, but we can't bear to part with them. Just like the expert craftspeople of hit BBC series, Wrightway Studio's are dedicated to restoring and conserving these heirlooms. We know that the true worth of these possessions doesn't lie in their monetary value, but in the memories they hold and the stories they tell.

Visit us on Facebook or our Auckland Doll's Hospital Instagram and take a look at some of the before and after shots.

Found something hidden in your basement or attic?

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