How do you restore ceramics?

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We often get asked about our ceramic restoration techniques and it's one of the services we are well known for.

Our Ceramic restoration includes Studio Art Pottery, antique porcelain and top end Murano glass reconstruction, including invisible restoration of Lladro, Capodimonte, English, European and Asian ceramics and porcelain.

Each ceramic and pottery make has its own peculiarities: Lladro flowers are originally made by rolling wet ceramic between two fingers, Capodimonte is hand painted as is Royal Minton, Doulton, Albert, Worcester, and Grimwades porcelain.

Common issues can include a broken head, missing finger or cracked vase. Our artists are able to restore all of these invisibly or visibly depending on your preference and end use for the item.

We offer two options in ceramic restoration or repair:  

  1. CONSERVATION is a hybrid clean and high grade close knit bond and is visible but enables use of the ceramic item.

  2. RESTORATION an invisible art restoration where the ceramic or porcelain looks as if there has been no previous repair or damage. Pegs or pins may sometimes be required to support a strong bond and this often strengthens the original product . These items become ART OBJECTS- not to be used for eating from or serving food.

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